Portraiture is both time consuming and massively skilful. To be able to understand the personality of the sitter, Nathalie will need a minimum of 2-3 sittings from which she will work out a composition, do a few sketches and then start the painting. She is happy to travel to the sitter's home and can work from photographs. The paintings are oil on canvas.


Prices vary for each commission.  Please contact me for more information. 


These prices vary, depending on the size of the painting. If a complex setting is required it will add to the price to some extent..


Please do not hesitate to Contact Nathalie for clarification or to discuss a project.

BP Portrait Awards

Nathalie's work has regularly been exhibited as part of the BP Portrait Awards at the National Portrait Gallery.

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BP Portrait Award
Portrait Stages

To see a portrait develop through its stages, please click here.

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