Detail from a mural


“Nathalie has created an amazing array of murals around Sandfield Primary School. Her fantastic skills have brought to life ordinary spaces and made them imaginative stimulating places to play and learn. So far she has created murals for the following areas:

She listens to what you need and desire and then lets her skills and imagination bring it to life.”

Mrs M Curtis, Headteacher, Sandfield Primary School

“As part of my case study for my Certificate of School Business Management I commissioned Nathalie to paint a mural at Weyfield Primary School, Guildford.

The Key Stage 2 pupils contributed their ideas via a questionnaire and Nathalie brought their vision to life with her artistry. Staff and pupils watched enthralled during her time at the school while she turned a plain wall into a beautiful country scene which depicted the local river and bridge which is part of our school logo.

Our mural continues to give inspiration and pleasure to pupils, staff, parents and visitors.”

Sherron Young, Administration Officer, Weyfield County Primary School

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